Chiyo Systems Global!!!
Chiyo Organization is a GLOBAL ENTERPRISE conspiracy dedicated to frying brains globalyl.
We design and employ the INDUSTRY standard in ystems enterprise solutions.
chiyo news:
14/10: yet another homepage redesign... hopefully this one will stick, i like it :) (for now)
12/10: instant classic "cookin' with lord chiyohead" now available in higher res than ever! enjoy [webm video, 31mb]
01/10: server migration complete:) a result of this, some chiyo systems are now being served over a leeched broadband line... ;) changelog:
- new posts page!! new texts flyin towards you at a snails pace...likely, new texts!
- recent conversations page!! if you cant remember who you talk to... this could help:)
- markdown support now in comments... heavily requested feature, works th' same as in blogposts.
- autolinking support now in blogposts/comments
- among other bugs, the notifications bug has been fixed
- new propaganda [propaganda archive]
- list of laws
- rss feeds for user posts and all posts
- date time localisation! it works pretty well javascript needs to be enabled for this to work
- chiyo for legacy browsers. okay, i saved my personal favourite 'til last. is a mirror of for
systems too dumb or old to access with tls enabled:) oh, you should only use this if you must. its less secure!
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crazy taxi
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