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About Slamalamadin

My name is Ori or Brayden (whichever you feel gnarliest with, Ori is a nickname) ^^, and if you have played Halo 3 or Skate 2/3, you're my new best friend

If I friend you and I seem interesting enough to add back, please shoot me a DM! You seem rad to me if I friend you, but I'm a bit shy and might not DM upon first sight unless I just have a smooth way to slide in.

I got heeeeeaaaaavyyyyyyy coding help from Zoey, check 'em out! Awesome person :D

Don't fight me but I call "soda" 𝒑𝒐𝒑 like a good kid

I'm secretly an Oblivion NPC shhhhhhhh

I have a habit of putting googly eyes on random sheiße

also I change my MP3 very very frequently, usually depending on my overall mood. If I do something excessively edgy (with the exception of Green Day) I'm likely not doing too hot ^^"""

Ich spreche Englisch und Deutsch

I speak English and German

Just a stupidhead who likes jokes and people

I laugh at like everything

Extremely easily entertained

I love talking to people, and especially meeting others!

Taken by a knock-off Tony the Tiger, tha's groit innit?

Ignore my shitty Australian accent attempt

I play Rainbow Six Siege rather often, so if you join a team and hear a crappy attempt at a Goofy impersonation and you're on Xbox, it's likely me :D

If you ever see me on Xbox, I'm likely playing a fantastic game, whether it be Halo 3 (best of all time), Night in the Woods, Battlefield 4, and such like that.

GTA V Online too, but I won't call it the best, in all honesty it's awful but fun.

My Xbox live account is the same as my username, I would say I'm down to play with anyone for anything, but my parents hate me talking to strangers D: they don't know about this account though lol

yup, that's right, 15 and can't talk to people online

I'm not even homeschooled!

Just overcautious parents who ironically don't even care about me

On a bright note, I'm possibly starting a youtube channel soon!

Likely the same name as Slamalamadin, I've grown fond of the name

If you're still here reading, wow, I'm impressed! You've stuck here just to listen (read rather) to a 15 year old ramble like an old man

Don't have half as many fun war stories though so I'm not as fun as one


I don't want any either, so people in the van outside, STOP ADVERTISING IT!

for my last note, I'm also an avid Green Day and Red Vs Blue fan!

and on that, goodbye random person reading :D

Gregg rulz ok

               Who I would like to meet:

ahhhhh I don't really care lul anyone's fun

proceeds to list long specific checklist

just teasing


I honestly just love people so meeting anyone is great ^^

also if you're one of those people who worries about bothering others with a DM or something, you're especially worthy to DM me :D

seriously lol if you see this please please please DM me I'm so bored


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hi slamalamadin


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